Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 03 Project Hiroshi

Epic fail? Maybe...

I liked the foreground enough with the squirrel and the log but when I played with adding the background trees things took a turn for the worse. I drew a small scene with trees, put it in the scene and then painted it and duplicated it a couple times for a "thicker" woodland look. I think it is too dark, too devoid of color and lacking the character the rest of the background has. I think it will be back to the "drawing board". (Get it?)


  1. Those trees are pretty scary. I like the density though. In the other scenes you have moss on the tree trunks, but I don' know if that is possible to add with these being so small. you also had some leaves piled up in the "crotch" of some branches, so maybe you could do that or add the occaisonal still-hanging autumn leaf. CUTE squirrel.

  2. another thought... could you add the occaisonal fir tree? you could make it equally gaunt and spindly and I think the color would go well with the rest of the scene.