Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project Duncan Proposal

Okay, so after the long fight of finishing a rough animatic for my animated short, "Tom v Squirrel", I very much considered using this project to try something different. However, after some time to consider (and Charlotte's advice) I have decided instead to push the animatic to the next phase for project Duncan. In short, the proposal is simple: clean up, beautify and refine.

Below I have included a Gantt Chart for how I intend to break down my workflow.

After working in Storyboard Pro - and frankly struggling mightily for a few weeks - I found the way I like in the program, namely drawing the images in Photoshop, saving them as .png files with translucent backgrounds and importing them into Storyboard Pro. Then I can have a look I like while using all the bells and whistles of the storyboarding program.

Here I have included some stills from my Animation 1 animatic where I used the aforementioned method. I'm much happier with the aesthetic of the project and think I could use it to create a portfolio-worthy animatic out of Tom v Squirrel. 

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