Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Project Ron Saks: update for Oct. 27

Sooo... after a general feeling of disinterest had crept over me regarding my animatic (it was, in general, too static), I went through a massive overhaul of the story:

That was the scene last Thursday evening in my work room. I hung a bunch of sheets on the wall and re-drew my entire piece with the help of my lovely wife (who added invaluable suggestions).

I then thumbnailed it out in my sketchbook, then went to Charlotte for help with one final iteration of the thumbnails.

The good news is that I finally feel like I have a piece with enough movement and comedic punch to satisfy me, the bad news is that the following animatic and storyboard pdf are not quite finished (but they do cover about half the piece).

Here is the link to the pdf:

And here is the animatic:


  1. Excellent perseverance! Watch out on writing in sound (write this in the Sound Effects box--yes, I know that no one would "hear" this in the animatic, but too bad). When the hunter climbs into the stand, he is facing the squirrel... change this so that he just turns around and squashing the squirrel. My opinion would be not to show the squirrel until after the hunter realizes he sat on something...

  2. Gotta agree with Charlotte on the squirrel bit. Maybe you could show the tail in the corner of the frame for anticipation as he's sitting down, but no more than that. This is quite the overhaul, though. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. There's definitely more movement, but not a lot of content just yet.

  3. I like this new beginning! Definitely more active. I hope you incorporate a little bit of your old story into the rest of it though since now the squirrel has motivation to want to trick the hunter.

  4. I definitely am enjoying your new beginning here, definitely sets the scene for some STRAIGHT BALLIN' character development (especially the introduction to the squirrel and all of his/her shenanigans). I also enjoy the hand-drawn quality as well (since it is hand drawn after all. Just kind of a thought, but panning over, over-the-shoulder kinda shot from your main guy to show your other character (the skinny guy) might be funny showing his intense focus like from your original animatic.